Friday, June 19, 2009

If I Were Invulnerable, I Wouldn't Fight Crime: I'd Be a Firefighter

- One of My Favorite Blogs -

So, Wednesday I said that today's post would be about one of my favorite blogs. Of course, at the time I didn't really know which blog I would be writing about, but I figured I'd just go through my recent RSS stuff in Opera (which I actually use exclusively as an RSS client) and find a good one.

At 2:30 AM I realized that I had a blank post scheduled to pop up at 6 AM. Oh, guess I'd better write something!

I used to have a browser-based game. It was called Elinon. It was fairly cool. It got fairly popular at one point exclusively through word-of-mouth (which I thought was neat). Then, I got bored with it. I got sick of it. I delegated my responsibilities to other admins and vanished into the night. Years later, when it was virtually dead anyway, I closed it down (mostly because it was a senseless money drain, and I didn't have the income).

However, I want to make another game.

Building Browsergames is an awesome site for anyone who's working on, thinking about working on, wants to work on, or even already has a popular browser-based game or gaming site. It's worth the visit for the blog alone, but it also offers tutorials, code snippits, links to other useful sites, and an awesome forum community.

I feel like I'm a fairly intelligent person, but the blog amazes me time and time again with stuff that I just never really thought about. If you're not really interested in browser-based game development, just forget I ever posted this (or take the opportunity to check out their affiliates and find some good online games). However, If you're one of those people out there who loves video games, and you're thinking about trying to make your own some day (or are already in the process), check out this site.

No, really.

Stop reading this and go to

Sunday is puppy day!

-- Pawn --

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