Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If I Had a Danger Sense, I Wouldn't Fight Crime; I'd Be a Bodyguard

- "All Your Game Development Needs" -

Today's Web site is a fount of knowledge for anyone out there who's aspiring to be a video game developer some day, and it's also got a lot of good information for people who are already in the industry. features industry-related articles, gaming news, a biweekly email newsletter, a "game dictionary" for those who want to brush up on their gaming industry jargon (I found out what a "ren'ai" is!), product reviews (hardware, software, books, and other stuff), forums (of course), tools for finding other people in or interested in the gaming industry in your area, and a wiki that has more information in it than I can tell you.

This is one of those sites where I could easily ramble on all the cool freatures for a few more paragraphs to get a "normal" post length, but if this is something you're interested in, you've probably already opened in a new tab/window and have stopped reading this post anyway. If not, well hurry up and do it!

Friday is a great Web site for finding browser games.

-- Pawn --

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